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   Oregon Coast  - Heceta Beach
Heceta Beach - Florence Oregon
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These pictures and comments are from a Romantic Oregon Getaway Vacation my Wife and I took in the Fall of 2004. We stayed at a small 1-bedroom beach rental house on Heceta Beach in Florence, Oregon with a fantastic oceanfront beach view overlooking the Pacific ocean.

We spent many hours watching the ocean waves and listening to the sounds of the ocean surf and walking on the wide sandy beach - several of the beach and surf pictures are below. We were able to take some extremely colorful
Oregon Beach Sunset Pictures. We also saw some very interesting Historic Oregon Coast Lighthouses, some of which we were able to tour. We found some great waterfront restaurants in the Coastal area near Florence and Newport, OR.

This was one of the best US beach vacations we have ever taken. We would highly recommend the Scenic Drives in the Central Oregon Coast area up and down the coast on the in many areas oceanfront Coastal 101 Highway from Florence, Oregon south through the sand dunes area to Coos Bay and Bandon, as well as the beautiful scenic drive north to Newport and Lincoln City, OR and the Historic Lighthouses along that peaceful coastal drive.

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Florence, Oregon - Heceta Beach Pictures + Florence, OR beach front house rental

Day Trip North to Newport Oregon Beaches + Newport Oregon Attractions & 2 Yaquina Lighthouses below

Near Florence, Oregon - Heceta Head Lighthouse & Cape Creek Tunnel area below

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Day Trip East to Sisters, Oregon Via McKenzie Pass -- also being moved - check back

Florence Oregon - Heceta Beach Pictures
- one of several Great Oregon Vacation Beaches

Florence Oregon Heceta Beach rental house
Florence Oregon rental house on Heceta Beach where we stayed except for last night at a
Bed & Breakfast up North on Oregon coast
Oregon Beach Rental House was Ocean Front on a sand dune overlooking the sandy beach
- great Pacific Ocean view from big windows overlooking the beach!

View from big floor to ceiling Living Room windows in Florence, OR ocean front rental house
It was actually about a 30 foot drop down to Heceta beach from the sand dune the house was on.
(Between this picture and the one below)

Heceta Beach - Pacific Ocean
Down on wide beach in front of house - Great for Oregon Family vacations
Could do a great Oregon Coast Picture Album just from this beach area.

All Oregon Vacation Beaches & Attractions pictures on this page are Copyrighted but you are welcome to download and use them if the Watermark text remains visible on the image as it is here. Also see High Resolution Downloadable Photo Link near bottom of page.

See Oregon Coast Pictures + Lighthouses, Info & Links on a Day Trip to Newport Oregon Beaches
& Attractions + Oregon Coast Pictures

Oregon Coast - Heceta Beach - Pacific Ocean
Waves were constant - saw a few surfers - cold water temp in upper 50's as compared to 70's water temps in Florida - lot of cloudy days which is normal for Oregon.

Oregon Heceta Beach - Pacific Ocean
Walking south on expansive beach - notice sand dunes starting to left - beach got bigger and wider
the further south you went.
To more Info and pictures on trips to Oregon Vacation Beaches
+ Oregon Coast Vacations page on another site
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Day Trip North to Newport Oregon Beaches
+ Newport Oregon Attractions & 2 Yaquina Lighthouses

Newport OR area beach
Oregon Vacation Beach area on Day Trip up north of Florence to Newport area

All pictures on this page are Copyrighted - see below for free downloadable files

coastal wind blown trees in fog
Wind blows a lot and hard on Coast of Oregon - especially in winter - in some areas distorts trees on coast shoreline. Lot of low clouds and fog along the Oregon Coast on many days - "Normal" Oregon weather.

Nebraska Street Marker
Many Great States were represented on this stretch of side streets on Coastal 101 Hwy.

Yaquina Bay Bridge - Newport, Oregon
Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport - about 50 miles north of Flourence - near historic lighthouse.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse + attached Caretakers home - Newport, OR
Yaquina Bay Lighthouse in Newport - near north end of above bridge - second oldest standing Lighthouse on Oregon Coast - put in service in 1871

Oregon coast sandy beach + Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Sandy Pacific Ocean Beach with surf coming in and Yaquina Head Lighthouse in distance at
entrance to Yaquina Bay north of Newport
See more Lighthouses and Oregon Coast Pictures & Info on a Day Trip to Newport Oregon Beaches & Attractions + Oregon Coast Pictures page

See bottom of page for free picture downloads

Heceta Head Lighthouse
Yaquina Head Lighthouse 3 miles north of Newport - 93-foot high tower is tallest on Oregon coast - 162 feet above sea level - First Illuminated in 1873 - still used. Close to a seabird nesting area. We then drove back south. (See link below for more Oregon and other light Houses)

Autumotated light backup system
Automated 1,000 Watt lighthouse light bulb replaced old oil burning wicks - When bulb burns out, mechanism automatically rotates new bulb into position and radios message to Oregon Parks Commission to come put in new back up bulb.
Original Fresnel lens is 8 foot tall, 6 foot across, weighs about 2000 pounds. 258 individual lens prisms held together in metal frame focus beam so light can be seen up to 21 miles out at sea.

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Back near Florence, Oregon - Heceta Head Lighthouse
& Cape Creek Tunnel area

Back down to 12 Miles North of Florence - Heceta Head Lighthouse - Up trail road just northwest of Cape Creek Tunnel job site - on west side of 1,000 foot high Heceta Head - 205 feet above ocean. 56 foot tower first illuminated in 1984. Automated beacon now seen 21 miles from land - strongest light on Oregon coast.

More Light Houses at:
Oregon Light Houses + some Light Houses in other states
- Info and Downloadable Pictures 
(Some versions of pictures on this page are there by permission)  

Hecta Head Lighthouse area beach
Looking back (Southeast) from viewing area at base of Hecta Head Lighthouse above looking toward Cape Creek Tunnel job site. Can see both North and South end of Tunnel Highway in this picture.

Bridge at north end of Cape Creek Tunnel
Parking lot for trail up to Lighthouse. Tunnel Restoration Job site office trailers were under north end of tunnel bridge. Steep road goes up to Oregon Coastal Hwy 101 behind trees to left.

Cape Creek Tunnel job site
Former Job site offices - North end of Hwy 101 Cape Creek Tunnel Reconstruction project was at right (South) end of bridge above - big equipment was parked at each end and in tunnel above on Hwy.

Heceta Beach - Pacific Ocean - Florence Oregon
Back at Heceta Beach - Another Pacific Ocean picture from in front of Florence Oregon rental house
- so many waves always breaking with whitecaps in view.
We ended up some great beach shots in our digital Oregon coast picture vacation album.

Oregon Beach Sunset Picture + Fisherman Rowing Boat In - blue clouds + pink in sky
Another one of the Coastal Oregon beach sunsets -- our last one for this Vacation
- Up north in Wheeler Oregon where we spent the last night at a B & B before flying back from Portland.
Lone Fisherman rowing boat in to dock at Sunset - variety of blue cloud types + some pink in sky
(A version of this picture is with others on a Oregon Beach Sunset Pictures page by permission)
All pictures on this page are Copyrighted - see bottom of page for free downloads

We want to vacation here again. Average low temperature in Dec and Jan Approx 36 - Average highs in Dec and Jan Approx. 50. Little snow.

Average high Temps in July and Aug Approx 70 (has been slightly higher in recent years) - most houses don't have or need air conditioning. No wonder Florence, Oregon is currently most popular retirement spot in US. Town currently aproximately 7,200 population and growing.

Frequent Rain and Fog would take some getting used to however. See Temp/Precip Chart below.

Oregon Average Monthly High & Low Tempratures + Avg. Precipitation

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